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Author: John on February 19, 2014

Would you like to have your own super cool blog but don't want to go through the hassel of setting up WordPress?  Or maybe you don't have your own hosting service like DreamHost but still want a blog.  Are you bummed out since Apple killed off iWeb?

Well the good news is there is a nice solution for us programmers.  And it can be free if you don't want a custom domain name.  For this site, the only cost was purchasing the domain name - oldguynewtrick.com (or the newly launced ognt.io .)  I'm a fan of Hover for domain registration (http://hover.com) This site is powered by the Open Source application called Octopress (http://octopress.org) and hosted, for FREE, on GitHub.  

If you don't have a GitHub account, and you are a programmer, what the heck are you waiting for?  You can get a free GitHub account, hop on over to http://github.com  (There are paid versions as well.)

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