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Blog Migration

Author: John on November 10, 2015

If you have stumbled across this site, welcome.  I'm in the process of migrating the Old Guy New Trick site, from its current solution of GitHub Pages and Octopress, to this platform - FlexBlogr.  The site you are currently on was a project of mine - writting a blog site written in Ruby on Rails.  All of the posts from the original site are here, but they may not yet be visible.  There is some work that I need to do to convert from the markdown format I used with Octopress.

If you encounter some issues/bugs with this new site let me know.  I've found a few little things that I didn't catch in development, and I'm working on the fixes.

Tip: If the code highlighting isn't being displayed in color, hit refresh.  Known bug I'm working on.


Last Edited by: John on November 10, 2015