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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Author: John on June 02, 2015

Whether you are the breakor or the breakee, breaking up is hard to do.  I can still rememeber years back when I broke up with my girlfriend at the time.  I  was the breakee and it was not easy. Emotions ran wild and I took it really hard.  But in the end, it turned out for the better.  I met and married a much better person.

As of this Friday, June 5th, I am breaking up from my Corporate marriage.  I have been working for a large corporation, whether that be Merrill Lynch or AT&T, for 20 years.  Currently I am with AT&T, approaching my 14th year with them.  But I am leaving that life for a new one.  My new job will be as a full time Ruby developer. Something that I have been slowly training myself for over the past 1.5 years.

I wasn't looking to leave AT&T.  Overall, I've been happy there.  And the environment has been fairly stable.  I have repeatedly received high year end evaluations.  I have been told how valuable I am to the team and how others look to me.  And that is great.  However, as can be the case in the corporate world, I'm in a job 'band'.  I've asked to be bumped to a higher band so that I could grow, but at this time they have not been able to accommodate me.

So this time around, when I was asked by someone looking to hire a developer, I said, "...tell me more."  After learning about the new opportunity, and thinking really hard, I decided to accept the job offer.  It was not an easy decision - as I mentioned above, I've been with AT&T for almost 14 years. I get paid pretty good, and have excellent benefits, including a nice 401k plan.  

But I made the decision to move in order to solidify my future.  I believe that working as a full time Ruby developer, I will be able to  grow my knowledge rapidly, as well as expand my compensation potential.  Along the way, I will be building a solid path for my retirement - I can code from just about anywhere, at anytime.

Once I've been at the new job for about a month, I will write again about how things are going.  Hopefully I will not come back and utter the words of Gob, from 'Arrested Development', and say: "I've made a huge mistake."

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